Get Ready To Burn [EN]

Get Ready To Burn main screen

Get Ready To Burn main screen

Get Ready To Burn is a program designed to optimize the space required to burn a set of files into any kind of CD or DVD. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and any other platform that runs Java.

It is very simple to use. Just select a folder containing the files you want to organize and the program computes which files go in each disc to minimize wasted space.

Pantalla de Resultado - Get Ready to Burn
Result Screen
Pantalla de Opciones - Get Ready To Burn
Options Screen


  • Multi platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.)
  • Supports different CD, DVD and BluRay sizes.
  • Native support to create ISO images (no external tools needed).
  • UDF and ISO 9660 filesystem support.
  • Joliet y Rock Ridge ISO 9660 extensions.
  • UDF revisions 1.02, 2.01 or 2.60.
  • Optionally it can just move files into folders instead or creating the ISO images.
  • Drag y drop folders directly into the program window.
  • It uses 4 algorithms to compute the result (Best Fit, Worst Fit, Next Fit y First Fit) and it chooses the best solution.
  • It’s free and its source code is available under license GPL version 3.

Download Link [Windows executable]

DescargarOther Platforms: [Download multi platform executable JAR file]

Hot to Run It

On Windows, just double click the downloaded file.

On other platforms use the command

java -jar GRTB.jar

In case you need to download Java, here’s the address


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